Neighborhood Parks

The foundation of life at Alamar is its small neighborhood parks designed to create strong community connections. With more than 30 individual and distinct parks planned, the community is a place of spirited outdoor living, with playgrounds and green spaces surrounded by the serene beauty of the mountains and desert.

Each park offers amenities as unique as the residents who call Alamar home: Young families enjoy the activity of lively playground equipment, picnic tables, and shaded ramadas, while clans with older children can enjoy more dynamic outdoor installations.

With the Alamar Public Art Program, dozens of custom commissioned works by award-winning artists will be placed among the neighborhood parks to enliven the senses at every turn. Sculptures, integrated art and other installations for all ages inspired by Alamar’s agrarian heritage and mountain-view setting turn a walk in the park into an enriching experience—one where residents are connected to the creative spirit of their community.

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